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Make an informed choice about your child's future with SchoolRatings.co.uk. We're committed to empowering you with essential data to make well-informed decisions regarding your child's educational journey. Our school ratings website simplifies the process, putting valuable government school data at your fingertips, complete with an intuitive map and search engine to help you pinpoint your ideal educational institution.

Explore Comprehensive UK Education Statistics

Our platform harnesses comprehensive UK education statistics, enabling you to identify and select the best schools in the UK within your preferred area. Our data encompasses various aspects of each school, including its type, age range, religious affiliation, and contact details. In-Depth School Insights Dig deeper into the details and compare the general makeup of each school, from gender ratios to the distribution of children across different school year groups. Additionally, we provide quick access to previous Ofsted reports, offering valuable insights into the school's history, including details of the most recent inspection and the overall rating.

Secondary School Excellence

For secondary schools, we recognize the significance of exam results and performance data. Our platform includes vital information such as GCSE attainment 8 scores, GCSE results, and Progress 8 Score data. We've even incorporated graphical representations to track the progress of these metrics over time. Comprehensive descriptions of these metrics are conveniently available within each school's record.

Primary School Insights

For primary schools, we've gathered an extensive range of data to support your decision-making process. We highlight how schools measure up against government "standards" for reading, writing, and mathematics. Our platform offers comparative data, pitting individual schools against local and national averages. We also evaluate progress scores, making side-by-side comparisons in reading, writing, and mathematics against local schools and the national average.

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