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Cleckheaton, nestled in West Yorkshire, stands out as a historic town known for its rich textile heritage within the Heavy Woollen District. Strategically positioned south of Bradford, it boasts a vibrant community of 16,622 residents and is renowned for its textile production, including iconic classics like shoddy and mungo wool. Visitors can explore Cleckheaton's significant heritage sites, including the Red House Museum, once home to the renowned Victorian designer William Morris. The town is also lush with green spaces like Oakwell Hall Country Park, and hosts a variety of local events and festivals. Cleckheaton's sports and arts scenes are equally stimulating, with a robust sports club, Cleckheaton Cricket Club, and an inclusive cultural climate featuring local events and festivals throughout the year. The town is well-connected via road (the nearby M62 motorway) and public transportation (buses and trains), being only a short distance away from other regional cities like Leeds, Bradford, and Huddersfield. Cleckheaton also enjoys a strong sense of community, with local groups and organizations committed to the area and its residents.

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