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Didcot is a dynamic town nestled within the South Oxfordshire countryside, known for its rich heritage and promising future. With a history dating back to the Saxons, Didcot initially developed as a farm or early village, named Wibaldeston or 'Dudda's cot'. The arrival of the Great Western Railway in 1839 marked a turning point, establishing Didcot as a vital junction for transportation, notably to London, Bristol, and Oxford, contributing to its strategic importance during conflicts such as the First World War and the Second World War. Didcot is expanding, offerings its residents a vibrant town center that has recently welcomed the Orchard Centre, featuring an art center, multiplex cinema, stores, and restaurants. The town has a good reputation for education, with excellent local schools and great Ofsted reports, along with leisure centers, a football club, parkland, and more. Recently, Didcot has seen the Orchard Centre complex expand in response to residents' needs, and the town continues to thrive with the development of new housing and facilities.

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