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Addlestone, a town in Surrey, stands out for its historic significance as the administrative center of Runnymede Borough, which is renowned as the location where King John granted the Magna Carta in 1215. The area boasts a rich natural landscape, including portions of Windsor Great Park and Runnymede Meadows along the River Thames. While the local community benefits from its connections to the broader London metropolitan area, Addlestone is also recognized for preserving an overall rural character. Although it is noteworthy for its history, another aspect of Addlestone that one must consider is its comparatively higher crime rate relative to nearby towns and the England average. However, this trend is improving, as the town has made a 17% decrease in its overall crime rate since 2022. In summary, Addlestone is a town with a long and rich history, contributing to its unique appeal. However, potential residents or investors should be aware of its elevated crime rate. With the recent improvement in its safety metrics, there is confidence that these figures will continue to decline.

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