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Discover Beccles—a historic Suffolk market town settled by the River Waveney, nestled in a scenic valley. Showcasing charming streets, light-filled independent shops, and a wealth of culinary experiences, Beccles ignites the senses. The Town boasts its illustrious past, including Catherine Suckling's marriage to famed Lord Nelson at St. Michael's Church, and home to the Bell Tower, an emblematic landmark standing 97 ft tall, offering grand views over the scenic countryside. Beccles' riverside locale provides pleasurable boating, with the Big Dog Ferry and mooring options, or try your hand at day boating on the River Waveney and its nearby Broads. The renowned Quay is a gateway to water-based adventures, ideal for families and visitors seeking connection with nature. The town's rich history spans centuries, with a lively community embracing various events, art, and cultural festivals throughout the year. In summary, Beccles offers captivating heritage, community spirit, and picturesque surroundings—a true treasure located at the southern tip of the Suffolk & Norfolk Broads.

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