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Nestled within the Metropolitan Borough of Calderdale in West Yorkshire, UK, Brighouse showcases a rich heritage as a historic town with a population of approximately 32,000. The area boasts a stunning Neoclassical town hall, once the seat of local government, showcasing Yorkshire heritage with gold lions and black crescents from the Brighouse family crest, complemented by red roses from the Rastrick family. The town offers a strategic location on the River Calder, a historical mooring basin on the Calder and Hebble Navigation, and is well-connected with the M62, railway stations, and public transportation. Brighouse's thriving mill district has been transformed into unique loft-style apartments, while a variety of shops, including Wilko, Boyes, and unique art galleries, contribute to the vibrant local economy. Visitors and residents can enjoy ROKT Activity Centre, Brighouse Town Hall, and the historical Bridge House at the town's foundation.

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