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Herne Bay is a coastal town in Kent, Southeast England, known for its picturesque beach and Victorian heritage. It offers a population of approximately 38,563 and is situated between Canterbury and Whitstable. The town began as a shipping community, receiving goods and passengers from London en route to Canterbury and Dover. Herne Bay's popularity as a seaside resort peaked in Victorian times and a second-longest pier in the UK graced its coast until 1987. Today, Herne Bay boasts historical landmarks like the Clock Tower, built in 1837, and a seaside promenade. It features a diverse mix of architecture, loose-knit cafes, and a burgeoning art scene. The town is close tothe Thames Estuary, making it a strategic location for enjoying water sports and discovering local wildlife. Additionally, Herne Bay is well-connected to London and regional transportation networks, including road and rail.

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