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Melksham is a historical market town in Wiltshire nestled along the River Avon. With a population of approximately 18,113 (as of 2021), it is a welcoming community that features exciting developments and is home to an array of supermarkets, including Asda, Aldi, Lidl, Waitrose, Sainsbury's, and Iceland. Melksham boasts a rich heritage dating back to the Anglo-Saxon period as a "milk town," and in the 20th century, it grew considerably as a center for the rubber industry. However, the town's charm has been enhanced with the restoration of some buildings and the expansion of its town center. Melksham's landscape includes its well-kept park system, with King George offering football, tennis, and an expansive recreational field. The town also features a strong presence in sports with its football and rugby teams, and has schools at every level. Transport infrastructure needs expansion, with limited train and bus services; however, Melksham is well-connected via road with high accessibility to major cities. Optimistically, Melksham is an emerging location that provides a compelling quality of life, offering a tight-knit community, wealth of amenities, and scenic surroundings.

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