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Newcastle-under-Lyme, a historic market town in Staffordshire, England, showcases a rich heritage dating back to the 12th century with the construction of a new castle. The administrative center of the Borough of Newcastle-under-Lyme, it also enjoys a strong industrial foundation, with branches in brick and tile making, electronics, and engineering. Newcastle-under-Lyme boasts a long-established tradition as a market town and continues to thrive, with an upbeat population of 75,082. Historical highlights include its significant role as an important 18th-century coaching town and its development into a dormitory town for the nearby manufacturing centers. Newcastle-under-Lyme is located near to the borders with Shropshire and Cheshire. Its cultural heritage is showcased through attractions such as Newcastle-under-Lyme Museum and Art Gallery, St Giles' Church, and Queen's Gardens. Newcastle-under-Lyme University adds to the town's attractive offering, having evolved from the University College of North Staffordshire, founded in 1949. Facing future, Newcastle-under-Lyme is growing and looking to build on its historical foundations to maintain a vibrant, welcoming urban/suburban environment.

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