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Yelverton is a sizeable village nestled on the southwestern fringe of Dartmoor, Devon, in England, with a population of over 3,400. Its prominent features include Roborough Rock, a historic landmark, and the Rock Hotel, a former farm erected during the Elizabethan era and later converted to accommodate travelers. The village's late Victorian and Edwardian-era expansion showcases its impressive housing, including grand villas and the unique Leg o' Mutton Corner subdivision. Yelverton's rich military heritage includes RAF Harrowbeer, a World War II fighter station that transformed a nearby 19th-century terrace into shops and left its detailed runway layout, protective bunkers, and singularly untouched church despite wartime temporary modifications. To entice visitors today, the village boasts an array of National Trust properties, stunning moorland scenery, a thriving cricket and golf club scene, and various bed and breakfasts welcoming walkers and tourists. Notable cultural figures who have called Yelverton home include Seth Lakeman, a Mercury Music Prize nominee, and Maureen Bruce, a former Sadlers Wells Ballet star. These engaging historical, cultural, and natural attractions make Yelverton an ideal haven for those seeking a unique blend of English countryside charm and history.

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