Spittal Community School

Type Primary
Age Range 4-9
Religion Does not apply
Address Main Street
TD15 1RD
Reference Number 122185



Spittal Community School, located in Berwick-upon-Tweed (TD15 1RD), is a dynamic and inclusive learning institution that catersto students from early years through to secondary school. Key facts about the school include:

  1. Inclusion and diversity: Spittal Community School is committed to promoting equality, celebrating the diverse backgrounds of its students, and ensuring that all children are equipped to succeed.

  2. Curriculum: The school follows the national curriculum for England, ensuring students receive a well-rounded and comprehensive education from Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) to Key Stage 4 (KS4), covering both core and foundation subjects.

  3. Facilities: The school has modern learning facilities consisting of classrooms, PE and activity areas, communal spaces, and a library.

  4. Extracurricular activities: Spittal Community School offers a variety of activities and clubs, such as sports teams, music lessons, and creative arts workshops, to provide students with opportunities to develop their talents, engage in physical exercise, and make new friends.

  5. Pastoral care: The school takes student welfare very seriously, fostering an environment where children feel safe, supported, and nurtured in their learning journey. A well-organized pastoral system, including a dedicated student wellbeing team, is in place to support students' mental health and social well-being.

  6. Technology: Spittal Community School recognizes the importance of technology in modern life and education, incorporating up-to-date technological resources into the curriculum to enhance learning, creativity, and communication.

  7. College transitions: The school operates a robust college transition program that prepares students for their next steps in education, whether attending secondary school, sixth form, or a different path entirely.

  8. Parent engagement: Spittal Community School remains committed to working in partnership with parents and guardians to support children's educational journey and offers various opportunities to engage in school life, including parent-teacher meetings and regular communication through newsletters and updates.

General Makeup

Number of pupils
Boy/Girl ratio Boys: 52.07%
Girls: 47.93%

Year Groups

Year Number of pupils
1 20
2 30
3 22
4 23

Ofsted Rating Good
Last Inspection Date 2020-01-24
Date Description Report
2019-11-06 School inspection School inspection
2015-07-07 Full inspection: Full inspection:
2013-01-15 Interim assessment Interim assessment
2009-10-05 Full inspection: Full inspection:
2006-12-06 Full inspection: Full inspection:
2002-05-20 Full inspection Full inspection

2024 Admissions

Number of Applications Number of Offers
First Preference Upgrade Upgrade
Second Preference 3 0
Third Preference 2 0
From another Local Authority 0 0

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Age Range

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Key Stage 2 Attainment

Students Meeting expected standard

Students Meeting higher standard

GCSE Attainment

Attainment 8 score percentile

Students getting 5 or more GCSE's at grade 9-4 (A-C)