The Prepatoria School

Type Independent School
Age Range 5-7
Religion Unknown
Address 7 Park Plaza
Battlefield Enterprise Park
Reference Number 145478



The Prepatoria School is a renowned educational institution located at SY1 3AF in the United Kingdom. Established with a focus on academic excellence and comprehensive student development, the school offers a robust curriculum designed to challenge and inspire young learners.

Key Facts about The Prepatoria School:

  1. Comprehensive curriculum covering the core subject areas, as well as a broad range of extracurricular activities.
  2. Small class sizes to facilitate personalized learning and attention from dedicated teachers.
  3. A strong tradition of pastoral care and guidance for the students' social, emotional, and cultural development.
  4. State-of-the-art facilities and technology resources, including science labs, performance spaces, and modern classrooms.
  5. Regular assessment and feedback to monitor student progress and ensure individual learning needs are met.
  6. A commitment to producing well-rounded students who are equipped with the confidence, skills, and values to succeed in their educational journeys and future careers.
  7. Located in a supportive and engaged community, providing ample opportunities for students to develop strong relationships, character, and leadership skills.
  8. Strong connections with top universities and employers, creating pathways for students to excel in their chosen fields of study and careers.
  9. A history of high-achieving alumni who have gone on to make significant contributions to their respective fields and communities.
  10. Diversity and inclusion are core values at The Prepatoria School, encouraging learning opportunities that celebrate different cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives.

General Makeup

Number of pupils
Boy/Girl ratio Boys: 28.57%
Girls: 71.43%

Year Groups

Year Number of pupils
1 Unknown
2 Unknown

Ofsted Rating Good
Last Inspection Date 2023-05-30
Date Description Report
2023-04-18 Standard inspection: Standard inspection:
2019-04-09 Additional inspection Additional inspection
2018-10-23 Standard inspection: Standard inspection:

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4.98 miles


Age Range

Special Schools

Independent Schools

Faith Schools

Key Stage 2 Attainment

Students Meeting expected standard

Students Meeting higher standard

GCSE Attainment

Attainment 8 score percentile

Students getting 5 or more GCSE's at grade 9-4 (A-C)