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Bedlington, conveniently situated 10 miles northeast of Newcastle upon Tyne, is a historic town with a rich industrial past. It boasts a 1,000-year-old church, St Cuthbert's, tracing its origins back to medieval times. Bedlington has transformed from an industrial hub, having coal mines and an iron works, into a tranquil, well-connected dormitory town, attracting residents commuting to neighboring areas. This vibrant community has preserved its heritage through the famous Bedlington Terrier breed, a cherished legacy of the town's landscape. Bedlington offers established businesses along Front Street, with a range of amenities such as eating and drinking venues and new retailers. It is well-connected by bus links and is adjacent to the A1, providing easy transport to London and Scotland. The area also includes Bedlington Country Park, a designation of local nature reserve. The town's unique evolution ensures residents appreciate its commitment to historical preservation and modern-day amenities.

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