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Chesham, a picturesque town in Buckinghamshire, England, combines historic charm with modern amenities. Set in the stunning Chiltern Hills and situated in the Chess Valley, Chesham boasts a distinctive market town atmosphere with a pleasant mix of shops, eateries, and pubs. The pedestrianized High Street is flanked by the Old Town and Lowndes Park, offering a rich sense of history. Chesham's cultural community is thriving, showcasing a tradition of nonconformity and strong community spirit. Self-guided trails explore the history of the famous "4 B's" (beer, boots, brushes, and Baptists), reflecting the town's rich heritage. Reached easily by the London Underground's Metropolitan Line, Chesham is also a gateway to the Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. With approximately 23,000 residents, Chesham is well-connected for employment and commuting to London, while maintaining an appeal for a variety of industries, including tech, professional services, and light industry.

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