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Evesham, nestled on the River Avon in Worcestershire, is a historic town with a rich heritage, boasting a picturesque setting and a thriving local economy. Its key attractions include the remains of Evesham Abbey, a Benedictine monastery founded in 701 AD, and the site of the Battle of Evesham (1265) where the forces of Simon de Montfort were decisively defeated by the royal army. The town centre is marked by Georgian architecture and the Almonry Heritage Centre, showcasing historical artifacts and the story of the town. Over the centuries, Evesham has evolved from an agricultural hub to a significant player in horticulture, particularly with the cultivation of renowned Vale of Evesham asparagus, granted a Protected Geographical Indication status. The town's strategic position and history have given rise to popular events, quality of life amenities, and a multifaceted economy with businesses in food production, technology, and online retail.

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