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Nestled in East Sussex, Rye offers a captivating blend of history, picturesque charm, and timeless allure. With its labyrinth of cobblestone streets, Rye immerses visitors in over a thousand years of history, from the time it was a fully functioning harbor to a pivotal Cinque Port and beyond. This coastal town, now nearly two miles from the English Channel, boasts a rich history of invasions, commerce, and smuggling. Rye's medieval walls and gates, including the Landgate and Ypres Tower, maintain a connection with the past, while the town's 18th-century and Georgian buildings reveal a continuum of architecture. The town's population, around 4,900, has managed to largely escape the ravages of urbanization since the 15th century. With its excellent scenery, country walks, golf course, and a relaxed atmosphere, Rye beckons discerning travelers looking for a quaint getaway in unspoiled English countryside.

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