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Seaham, a charming coastal town in County Durham, England, boasts a picture-perfect setting with tranquil beaches, dramatic cliff views, and a rich history dating back to the Anglo-Saxon era. Visitors can explore St. Mary the Virgin Church, one of England's oldest, take in panoramic views from the harbor marina, and stroll along the coastal footpath. The thriving seafront offers a variety of eateries and shops, and nearby Dalton Park provides an opportunity for shopping enthusiasts. The town's smart new amenities and regeneration projects, like East Shore Village, have spurred economic growth, providing a modern contrast to the area's historical industry and landmarks such as Seaham Hall. Seaham's history includes an 18th-century harbor expansion, colliery operation, and seaside glassware past, showcasing a diverse and storied heritage. The population of around 20,000 is served by a railway station and local bus service, making it a convenient location for exploring the surrounding region and beyond.

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