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Stourport-on-Severn, a town in Worcestershire, England, is renowned for its unique history and scenic riverfront. Founded at the highest navigable point on the River Severn in 1771, Stourport thrived as a canal-centric distribution hub for West Midlands goods. The town is home to historical manor houses, such as Hartlebury Castle and Astley Hall, and significant landmarks including engaging canal basins, creating a tranquil hub for water activities and family entertainment. Stourport-on-Severn is a welcoming destination, boasting independent shops, restaurants, and an array of activities along the river. Especially attractive are the lovingly restored canal basins, and the nearby Riverside Meadows, which host events, picnics, and a family funfair. The town's heritage, natural beauty, and abundance of water-based leisure opportunities make it a vibrant, fascinating place to visit.

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