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Nestled in Cumbria's vibrant northern coast, Maryport forms a captivating tale of maritime and industrial heritage. Despite its origins as a small fishing village, the Senhouse family transformed Maryport into a 18th-century coal port, showcasing attractions such as the Senhouse Roman Museum, Maritime Museum, and Lake District Coast Aquarium. The town flourished in the 19th century as a beacon of shipbuilding, engineering, and commerce, boasting significant historical figures like Joseph Bell, Chief Engineer of the Titanic. Maryport's modern allure lies in the 21st-century renaissance through projects like the Wave Maryport. Its proximity to the Lake District National Park, and sights that include St Mary's Church and the harbor, ensure it remains a picturesque and progressive town. Today, the community enjoys a focus on tourism for its exceptional heritage, while retaining a close-knit spirit.

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