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Newton Aycliffe, a historic town established in 1947, offers a thriving business environment with considerable historical, political, and cultural richness. Its origins as a new town with a unique social experiment led to the development of a flourishing industrial base, now home to companies like Flymo, 3M, Ebac, and Ineos. The town is strategically located between Darlington and Durham, offering excellent transportation links. With a distinct history rooted in both medieval times and its role as an important factory during World War II, Newton Aycliffe boasts a well-preserved heritage that includes the former factory ROF 59, now a popular tourist destination. The town's growth and success have garnered international attention, most recently with the UK's Prime Minister having represented the area in Parliament. Community engagement remains a strong feature in Newton Aycliffe's identity, as evidenced by various social, sporting, and cultural events throughout the year. The town's lectures, the Aycliffe Church Heritage onsite museum, and the town's annual Carnival offer opportunities to discover the area's history and culture. With a diverse population actively contributing to community life, Newton Aycliffe's character is defined by resilience and innovation, reflected in the town's motto, "Not the least, but the greatest we seek".

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