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Peterlee, a vibrant town in County Durham, England, flourishes as a modern community with a unique history rooted in coal mining and post-WWII new town development. Founded in 1948, this town celebrates a prominent local figure, miners’ leader and trade unionist Peter Lee, showcasing its commitment to community spirit. At its peak, Peterlee, with 23,000 residents, enriched by a dramatic rural setting, offers sleeping hills, Durham limestone coast vistas, and semi-natural woodland, such as the renowned Castle Eden Dene. The town's rich coal mining history has given way to progress with a focus on investment in modern industries, making it an ideal location for a variety of professionals. Being one of the few towns directly named after an individual, and unique among post-WWII new towns for having been requested by local people, Peterlee warrants attention for its historical significance. The town's design, under architect George Grenfell Baines, who succeeded Berthold Lubetkin's unsuitable tower-block master plan, illustrates the resilience of the local community in overcoming obstacles. Peterlee's design punchline, the Apollo Pavilion, reflects the optimism of the 1950s/60s Apollo Space Program and continues to inspire its residents. As a celebration of mining heritage that has expanded into a diverse array of opportunities, residents and future residents of Peterlee can be proud of their town's dynamic history and prospective future.

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