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Westerham is a charming historical town nestled in the Sevenoaks District of Kent, England. Offering a delightful mix of independent shopping, dining, and natural beauty, it's well-suited for cultural explorers and nature enthusiasts alike. Known for its striking landscapes adjoining the High Weald and Kent Downs Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Westerham boasts a rich heritage, showcased by National Trust properties like Chartwell, former home of Sir Winston Churchill, and Quebec House, once owned by British army general James Wolfe. The town is home to a variety of food options, from local breweries and street food to globally inspired cuisine. Westerham's vibrant past, from its roots in the 9th century to its notable local figures like the art patron James Wolfe and the famous former Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill, makes it a captivating destination. A perfect base to explore the surrounding Kentish countryside, Westerham promises a warm, welcoming atmosphere, utterly timeless.

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