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Cullompton, a tranquil town in Devon's Mid district, is a picturesque destination nestled beside the River Culm. Known for its historical landmarks, including a 15th-century church with a sandstone tower reaching 120 feet and an ornate rood screen, this medieval town has captured the essence of Devon's heritage. The town provides access to nearby villages in the Culm Valley and is home to excellent restaurants featuring a variety of local dishes. Annual festivals, such as SpringFest, Autumn Food & Drink Festival, and a Christmas Lights Festival, celebrate the town's community spirit. Cullompton also serves as a gateway to the Blackdown Hills, the Culm Valley's Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and its award-winning farmers market. Historically significant, Cullompton lies close to the M5 and the city of Exeter, making it an ideal base for exploring the region's natural and cultural riches.

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