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Kingston upon Thames, situated in southwest London, combines rich history and aristocratic charm. As the first official Royal Borough of England, it dates back to the 10th century when King Athelstan was crowned—marking the start of England as a united kingdom. The Coronation Stone, believed to have hosted seven Saxon kings' ceremonies, attracts admiration, especially with King Charles III's upcoming coronation. The riverside town nurtures prestigious landmarks, including the oldest bridge in London still in use, along with ties to the centuries-old Kingspoor ferry service. The historical Guildhall, encompassing Clattern Bridge and the Coronation Stone, succinctly represents Kingston's grandeur. Kingston upon Thames' close proximity to Hampton Court Palace has shaped its cultural legacy, influencing countless period dramas, and its natural beauty enhanced by the nearby Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew. Furthermore, Kingston's role in England's aviation history has led to massive contributions by renowned aviation companies like Sopwith, Hawker, and British Aerospace. Today's Kingston upholds its ancient allure with the charming town center, which teems with history and opportunities for learning about its aristocratic past.

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