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Discover Knutsford, a thriving market town nestled in Cheshire, known for its scenic beauty, rich history, and diverse attractions. Highlights include: - **Historical Landmarks:** The town's origins can be traced back to a fording place on the River Lily in 1016, and it received a charter in 1292, becoming a capital of mid-Cheshire. - **Architectural Variety:** From old Tudor and Georgian houses to Victorian buildings, Knutsford features a range of historical styles that exude charm. - **Cultural Life:** Elizabeth Gaskell, a renowned English novelist, found inspiration in Knutsford, which is celebrated in her works. The town boasts a distinguished literary history. - **Independent Spirit:** Knutsford hosts a monthly outdoor Artisan market, numerous independent retailers, and traditional food shops with a personal touch. - **Higher Education & Industry:** Knutsford is close to Manchester Airport and is a short distance from leading academic and scientific institutions in the Northwest region of England. - **Historic Heart:** King Street, Princess Street, and adjoining districts make up the town center, which features many restaurants, pubs, coffee shops, boutiques, and art galleries. - **Pride of Place:** Knutsford has been crowned the best place to live in the Northwest of England, offering the perfect blend of urban and rural living. Engage with Knutsford to experience its rich heritage, quaint charm, and vibrant cultural scene. It is easily accessible, appealing to visitors looking for rural tranquility and a town that exudes history and character.

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