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Millom, a coastal town in the English county of Cumbria, is a historic and culturally rich destination. Originally a village, Millom expanded around an ironworks in the 19th century, becoming a flourishing industrial center. Although the industry declined by the 1960s, Millom retains a deep connection to history through nanolandmark Norman Nicholson, author and poet, who was born in the area, and its rugby league heritage, as it boasts the world's oldest amateur Rugby League club. The town offers a picturesque setting on the north shore of the River Duddon, and is noted for its proximity to the Lake District National Park. As a welcoming, coast-side community, Millom boasts captivating local attractions, such as the 13th-century Millom Castle, St George's Church, and the nearby Hodbarrow Point Nature Reserve. Accessible by rail via the Cumbrian Coast Line, Millom is a beacon for those seeking the charm of a coastal town with the backdrop of lush English landscapes.

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