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Westbury, a historic market town in Wiltshire, England, is steeped in medieval charm and natural beauty. Set beneath Salisbury Plain, it offers scenic views and convenient access to major road and railway connections. The town is known for its Norman All Saints Church, third-heaviest peal of bells, and adjacent vintage swimming baths. Westbury's history dates back to Domesday Book (1086), and it served as a Saxon settlement from the 7th century. Key moments include gaining market rights in 1252 for a weekly market on Fridays and an annual fair in November, and then for additional markets and fairs in the 13th century. The town thrived with the wool trade, producing cloth that underwent fulling, a process using fullers earth. Westbury is culturally rich and boasts an impressive 19th-century Town Hall, 14th-century Grade II listed All Saints Church with an Erasmus Bible, and the renowned Westbury White Horse on Salisbury Plain. It also features the Grand Laverton Institute and an ancient estate like Longleat with its safari park, railway, and maze. Population-wise, Westbury has grown from 1,837 in 1801, reaching 16,414 in 2021. Key modern amenities include the Westbury station (since 1848), swimming pool (since 1888), and a variety of shops and facilities recently established in the High Street, solidifying the town's evolution into a vibrant mid-sized community.

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