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Alfreton, a town in Derbyshire, England, boasts a rich history dating back to the time of King Alfred. With a current population of around 22,000, it offers a vibrant mix of industries, including light manufacturing, warehousing, and retail – highlighted by the presence of the Thorntons chocolate factory. The town center is bustling with local and national chain stores, banks, and service-oriented businesses. Alfreton's thriving cultural scene caters to various interests, encompassing sports with teams in football, cricket, and cycling, a local film club, and cultural events, such as performances by renowned authors and artists who have roots in the area. As a transportation hub, Alfreton provides convenient access by car via the A38 and M1 motorway, as well as by train through two major lines. The town's educational facilities include Alfreton Grange Arts College, and it hosts an extensive network of community and recreational amenities, including a leisure center and a library.

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