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Ashington, situated in Northumberland, offers a rich heritage steeped in coal mining history. The town is recognized for its industrial past as it once flourished as the world's largest coal mining village. Ashington's population of approximately 28,000 occupies a region featuring flat Carboniferous terrain with a history dating back to the 1700s. Notable facilities include the state-of-the-art Northumberland Church of England Academy, Ashington Leisure Centre, and a multi-use sports & community facility, all of which demonstrate Ashington's ongoing commitment to community resources. The town carries a sense of cultural pride due to its celebrated sportsmen and instruments like the "Pitmatic" accent that differentiate Ashington's residents from nearby regions. Additionally, it is the birthplace of renowned figures such as Neil Armstrong, Phil Lynott, and the Pitmen Painters, all of whom brought Ashington worldwide recognition. Today, Ashington fosters a robust community spirit and remains a neighborhood eager to honor its storied past through various events, museums, and heritage trails.

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