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Kendal, a historic market town in England's Lake District, offers a unique blend of natural beauty, tradition, and cultural heritage. Famous for its unusual network of lanes, also known as Yards, Kendal has been renowned for producing snuff since 1792 and is recognized for its iconic Kendal Mint Cake, which accompanied Sir Edmund Hilary to the summit of Mount Everest in 1953. This vibrant town is also adorned with the Quaker Tapestry and the historic Kendal Castle. Attracting visitors with its beautiful scenery and rich portfolio of annual festivals and events, Kendal's refined grey limestone architecture gives it its moniker as the "Auld Grey Town." With a population of approximately 29,593, Kendal has reinvented itself as a hub for shopping, culture, and hospitality, never losing sight of its long history of trade and tradition.

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