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Whitby, a captivating seaside town in North Yorkshire, England, is renowned for its rich history and natural beauty. Divided by the River Esk, the town boasts a vibrant East Side holding the Abbey founded in 656 AD, which beckoned to Cædmon, an acclaimed early English poet. This side also houses Victorian whale-boned Arch and the former residence of Captain James Cook, an illustrious explorer. The West Cliff, with its Victorian seafront, showcases a significant heritage in shipbuilding, whaling, and maritime history. Bram Stoker's Dracula drew inspiration from Whitby's abbey and setting, further cementing its status as a cultural landmark. The town's attractions include quaint streets once walked by smugglers, a bustling high street where Whitby jet is still crafted, and a striking 19th-century regard for the area's minerals, shipbuilding, and whaling industries.

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