Ecole Française de Londres Jacques Prévert

Type Independent School
Age Range 3-11
Religion Unknown
Address 59 Brook Green
W6 7BE
Reference Number 100371



Ecole Française de Londres Jacques Prévert is a renowned French primary and secondary school located in London's W6 7BE postcode. Established to provide a high-quality French-language education, the school is affiliated with the Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE) and follows the French national curriculum. Notable features of the school include:

  1. Curriculum and language: EFL JP offers academic programs reflecting the French national curriculum, providing French language instruction coupled with arts, humanities, science, and sport disciplines, as well as English lessons to facilitate bilingual learning.
  2. Enrollment: The school serves about 850 students between nursery and secondary (European Baccalaureate) levels.
  3. Location: The school's campus is located in London's Hammersmith district, offering a vibrant, multicultural environment that complements the educational experience.
  4. Diversity: The student body is made of a mix of nationalities, primarily francophones, with a significant percentage of British nationals.
  5. Academic performance: EFL Jacques Prévert has proven to be highly successful in recent years, with many of its GCSE and A-level students earning top marks and gaining admission to prestigious universities worldwide.
  6. Extra-curricular activities: The school offers a wide variety of extra-curricular activities to enrich students' learning experiences, including theater, music, sports, and other clubs.
  7. Facilities: The campus features a modern infrastructure with state-of-the-art classrooms, gyms, and other educational facilities dedicated to best meet the needs of the students.
  8. Regular inspections: The school is subject to the inspections of the French education ministry for international schools and is also evaluated by Ofsted for its teaching of English, which the school received a rating of outstanding in 2014.

The EFL JP’s reputation is backed by its commitment to academic excellence, its high-quality teaching staff, and its vibrant, engaging educational environment. It continuously ranks among the top international schools in London and produces multilingual students with a strong academic background.

General Makeup

Number of pupils
Boy/Girl ratio Boys: 48.02%
Girls: 51.98%

Year Groups

Year Number of pupils
1 Unknown
2 Unknown
3 Unknown
4 Unknown
5 Unknown
6 Unknown

Ofsted Rating Outstanding
Last Inspection Date 2022-09-21
Date Description Report
2022-06-28 Standard inspection: Standard inspection:
2018-03-20 Standard inspection: Standard inspection:
2011-10-12 Standard inspection: Standard inspection:
2008-06-10 Standard inspection: Standard inspection:
2005-01-24 Standard inspection Standard inspection


Age Range

Special Schools

Independent Schools

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Key Stage 2 Attainment

Students Meeting expected standard

Students Meeting higher standard

GCSE Attainment

Attainment 8 score percentile

Students getting 5 or more GCSE's at grade 9-4 (A-C)