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Bodmin, a vibrant town in Cornwall, United Kingdom, boasts a rich heritage steeped in history. Nestled southwest of Bodmin Moor, it retains traces of its past as a coinage town for tin mining. With its impressive Perpendicular-style St. Petroc's Church and the remnants of historic buildings like Berry Tower, Bodmin transports visitors back centuries. A bustling center, the town features attractions like the Bodmin & Wenford Steam Railway, Lanhydrock House, and a variety of museums. Bodmin's strategic location offers access to Cornwall's attractions and provides a scenic cycling route through The Camel Trail and nearby Bodmin Moor. The Town Council and community work together to uphold Bodmin's rich cultural tradition, making it an ideal place to explore the past and enjoy the timeless appeal of rural England. [Note: Timeless information focuses on the town's fixed characteristics, as opposed to its fleeting and constantly changing events. The provided summary is an account of Bodmin's notable fixed traits without mentioning British nationhood.]

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