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Launceston, a historic Cornish town, offers a blend of medieval heritage, modern charm, and scenic beauty. Known as the "gateway to Cornwall," it boasts a significant market, attractive castle, and a pocket of vibrant towns and countryside. Key aspects of Launceston's appeal include: - A Norman castle surrounded by rolling hills, offering a glimpse of the town's 11th-century roots - A noted market town with a market square, featuring traditional butchers and independent shops - Local agricultural links, with farmers traveling from afar for the indoor Friday Market and the monthly town square market - Picturesque surroundings, ideal for nature walks and discovering local attractions such as the Two Castles Trails and Tamar Valley Discovery Trail - An appreciation of local craftsmanship and cultural history, as exemplified by the Charles Causley Festival, a famous poet who hailed from Launceston - A pair of industrial estates providing modern business opportunities and catering to local needs - Its role as a historic administrative center, having served as the capital of Cornwall in the Middle Ages Launceston's unique charm and proud historical heritage make it an alluring destination for both residents and visitors.

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