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Towcester, an affluent market town in South Northamptonshire, England, is steeped in history spanning over 6,000 years. Origins dating back to the Mesolithic era make it one of the oldest continuously inhabited settlements in Britain. The town played an important role in Roman Britain as Lactodorum, situated on Watling Street, and hosted the Roman garrison. During the Saxon period, Towcester became a frontier town and later formed part of the kingdom of Wessex and the Danelaw. Notable historical figures like Edward the Elder and William the Conqueror shaped its fortified history. Towcester is renowned for its horse racing events at its prestigious racecourse, drawing national and international spectators. Nearby, the Silverstone motor racing circuit hosts the British Grand Prix and additional events. The town's holding of the World Hovercraft Championship in 2010 demonstrates its commitment to highlighting the best in competitive motorsports and further attracting visitors. Today, Towcester offers an idyllic mix of historically significant landmarks, competitive sports, and thriving shopping, making it a unique and appealing destination for residents and visitors alike.

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