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Discover Banbury, a prosperous and historic market town nestled near the River Cherwell in Oxfordshire. With its roots tracing back to Saxon times, this bustling commercial center is a sought-after destination that enhances the picturesque landscape of Northern Oxfordshire, flanked by the Cotswolds. Banbury charms visitors with its alluring mix of rural landscapes, rich heritage, and diverse local attractions. Banbury's market has been a centerpiece since the 13th century, while its renowned Banbury Cakes have been beloved since the 16th century, with the remnants of the original cake house remaining in the town today. The town is also connected to history through Banbury Cross, famously commemorated in the rhyme "Ride a cock horse to Banbury Cross," and Broughton Castle, the ancestral home of George Washington's family. Visit Banbury Museum, Fir Tree Falconry, Waterflow Sanctuary & Children's Farm, or explore the surrounding countryside with its numerous walking routes and uncover unique history organizations to enhance your experience. Banbury offers a harmonious mix of rich history, cultural heritage, scenic landscapes, and contemporary allure. Banbury is easily accessible with a range of transportation options, making it a convenient and inviting destination. Come and learn why Banbury is a woven tapestry of captivating experiences that strikes the heart of all who visit.

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