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Dudley, a town in the West Midlands of England, showcases a rich history as a major center of the Industrial Revolution. Once known for iron, coal, and limestone industries, Dudley currently thrives as an administrative hub with a focus on commerce and heritage tourism. The town is part of the historic Black Country, renowned for its long industrial heritage and metalworking industries. Now home to nearly 80,000 residents, Dudley has seen a population transformation with the relocation of its commercial center to the nearby Merry Hill Shopping Centre, but its metropolitan borough still fosters an estimated population of 312,900. Dudley's highlights include a historic castle and the Dudley Zoo, both overlooking the town and set within the area's significant paleontological heritage. The town has a flourishing present with a variety of industries, including plastics, textiles, chemicals, and electronics, offering a diverse and vibrant economic landscape. Confidence: 95%

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