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Thetford, a historic market town in Norfolk, provides a rich blend of heritage and natural beauty. Once a significant trading gateway of Anglo-Saxon times, Thetford is home to a Cluniac Priory, a 12th-century ruin showcasing Medieval East Anglia's religious importance. Additionally, the town features a Norman Castle mound and traces of an Anglo-Saxon town that once boasted a population of 4,000 and considerable industry. Thetford also offers a captivating walk through history, spanning from the time of the Iceni tribe to present day. Highlights include The Dad's Army trail, film locations, and memorials representing diverse historical figures like Boudica and Maharajah Duleep Singh. A hub of natural and industrial life, Thetford hosts a nationally important natural area known as the Brecks, which is a haven for nature enthusiasts and lovers of the outdoors. Industries include paper and pulp manufacture, canning, and light engineering. Despite its growth during the 1950s and '60s as an overspill town following London's expansion, Thetford has retained its historic charm and prominence as a heritage destination.

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