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Wellingborough, a historic market town in North Northamptonshire, England, boasts a rich heritage dating back to the Anglo-Saxon period. Established in the sixth century, it was initially known as the stronghold of Waendel's people and remains a thriving center with several advantages for residents and businesses: - **Royal market charter** since 1201 under King John, showcasing its longstanding history as a vibrant market town. - **Connected location**, found just 11 miles from Northampton on the north side of the River Nene, facilitating easy commutes and access to nearby cities. - **Populous area**, with a built-up population of approximately 50,577 according to the 2011 census, expanding to over 56,564 by 2021. - **Economic diversification**, from its traditional footwear and engineering base to inclusive service, wholesale, logistics sectors, offering fresh opportunities for employment. - **Active goverance and development**, through the North Northamptonshire unitary authority and the Stanton Cross infrastructure project, aiming to deliver more than 3,200 residential units and 7,500 new jobs. - **Rich heritage**, including medieval history, embellished by sites such as All Hallows Church (dating from 1160) and the Henry VIII-era Wellingborough School. Wellingborough is an appealing destination due to its strong local spirit, mix of old and new, and direct links to London and other major cities.

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