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St Helens, a vibrant town in Merseyside, England, offers a rich history of industrial development and heritage. Originally a collection of four townships, St Helens prospered on coal, glass, copper, and chemical industries throughout the Industrial Revolution. Proud of its distinguished past, St Helens features the world's first railway viaduct, built in 1829, and the first English canal constructed in 1762. The town has grown from a population of 5,825 in 1831 to 103,000 in 2021, and it's also the administrative center of the Metropolitan Borough of St Helens with a total population of 183,200. Notable figures from St Helens include Richard Seddon, Sir Thomas Beecham, Sir Hartley Shawcross, and Colin Welland. Prominent cultural attractions include the St Helens College with roots in the Gamble Institute, founded in the 19th century; the World of Glass, showcasing the town's glassmaking heritage; and the Dream, a post-industrial landmark on the site of Sutton Manor Colliery. The town is home to Haydock Park racecourse and is known for St Helens RLFC, a famous rugby league team. In summary, St Helens offers a compelling combination of history, culture, and industry, making it a lively and attractive destination.

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