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Rotherham, a town in South Yorkshire, offers an attractive blend of urbandevelopment and rural tranquility. With a population of over 270,000, it has evolved into a dynamic economic hub closely integrated with the Sheffield City Region. The advanced manufacturing sector, including McLaren Automotive and Rolls-Royce, thrives alongside innovative start-ups and a strong research base. Education and skills training are priorities, with an emphasis on ensuring a highly skilled workforce that suits industry demands. Positioned at the heart of an urban area of 1.8 million people, Rotherham is connected to Sheffield, Manchester, and the Humber Ports. With five motorway junctions and a new railway station, the town offers ease of access to major cities. The heavily rural region surrounding Rotherham links picturesque countryside with local favorites like Wentworth Woodhouse, while ongoing regeneration and development enhance the town's center. Rotherham is dedicated to providing a diverse range of modern products and services through its 400+ businesses, and boasts a healthy employment rate above the national average, with nearly 14% in manufacturing and materials alone. The town also supports three world-class universities nearby, offering added value to the community's academic and professional capabilities. In short, Rotherham appeals to bothigraduates and international business by offering the best of both worlds: urban industry and green countryside.

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