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Sudbury is a historic market town in the county of Suffolk, England, nestled on the banks of the River Stour and boasting a rich heritage that extends back to Saxon times. With over 240 listed buildings, Sudbury is known for its charming architectural diversity, particularly its medieval half-timbered houses and ornate three-spired, Perpendicular-style churches. The town was once a center for the wool trade and boasts a strong tradition of weaving, silk manufacturing, and the birthplace of famous artist Thomas Gainsborough. Sudbury has earned recognition for its environmental commitments through initiatives like The Sudbury Commonlands and has gained awards for sustainability and community support. Additionally, the town has come together in celebration of its history through events like the Sudbury Silk Festival, Keys & Kranks, and a trail showcasing bronze sculptures highlighting significant moments in Sudbury's history.

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