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Carlisle is a city in the north of England, known for its rich history, cultural sites, and northerly location. It was founded more than 2,000 years ago as the military base Luguvalium and has since become a bastion of Anglo-Scottish relations. The city evolved as a vital stronghold and border defense, making it an important strategic center throughout the centuries. Today, Carlisle is the most northerly city in England, and it has experienced moderate population growth since the 2011 census, reaching an estimated 110,000 residents. About 97% of Carlisle's population is White, with a strong presence of English immigrants, followed by other European backgrounds. The city's economy largely benefits from its proximity to Scotland and the local historical appeal, making it an attractive destination for tourists. Carlisle's highlights include its fascinating past, as evidenced by the formidable Carlisle Castle, which has stood strong since the 12th century, and the historic city center lined with charming streets and shops to explore. Carlisle is proud of its cultural heritage, rich history, and the close connections to Scottish heritage, which serve as timeless attributes attracting visitors and new residents to the city.

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