North London Rudolf Steiner School

Type Independent School
Age Range 3-6
Religion Unknown
Address 1-3 Campsbourne
N8 7PN
Reference Number 102169



North London Rudolf Steiner School, located at N8 7PN, is a prestigious independent school that follows the approach of Waldorf Education (Steiner Education), developed by Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner. Generally, this school caters to children aged 3 to 18, providing a holistic education that harmoniously balances academic, artistic, and practical learning experiences.

Some key features of North London Rudolf Steiner School include:

  1. An innovative curriculum that addresses the child's developmental needs across various age groups.
  2. Holistic education combining academics, arts, and practical skills within each subject area.
  3. A nurturing and collaborative environment promoting social responsibility and ecological awareness.
  4. Emphasis on experiential and imaginative learning pedagogy.
  5. A campus with a variety of domestic and artistic activities, nurturing individual talents and interests.
  6. A strong sense of community supported by close parent-teacher collaboration.

Additionally, the school's aim is to foster students' creative and critical thinking skills, helping them develop into balanced, responsible, and adaptable individuals who can face the complex challenges of the present and future world.

Transfer to North London Rudolf Steiner School is possible at various stages under specific consideration, offering children a variety of entry points into the education provided. For those interested in sending their children to this school and seeking further details, the North London Rudolf Steiner School's dedicated website provides ample information about their programs, fees, and other relevant information.

General Makeup

Number of pupils
Boy/Girl ratio Boys: 57.89%
Girls: 42.11%

Year Groups

Year Number of pupils
1 Unknown

Ofsted Rating Good
Last Inspection Date 2021-07-02
Date Description Report
2021-05-18 Standard inspection: Standard inspection:
2019-10-30 Additional inspection Additional inspection
2019-05-07 Standard inspection: Standard inspection:
2007-10-04 Standard inspection: Standard inspection:
2004-02-23 Standard inspection Standard inspection


Age Range

Special Schools

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Key Stage 2 Attainment

Students Meeting expected standard

Students Meeting higher standard

GCSE Attainment

Attainment 8 score percentile

Students getting 5 or more GCSE's at grade 9-4 (A-C)