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Salisbury, nestled in the heart of England's historic Wiltshire county, boasts a rich heritage marked by its close proximity to Stonehenge and the grandeur of Salisbury Cathedral. Founded around the cathedral, which dates back to 1220, Salisbury's famous landmarks embody centuries of captivating history. This picturesque city's past is a testament to its resilience and evolution. Its origins trace to Old Sarum, an early medieval town where a vibrant community thrived for thousands of years before the decline of the Roman Empire. New Sarum emerged in 1139, giving rise to the present-day metropolis that has seen the Reformation, the English Civil War, and more recent times as a hub for commerce, such as clothing and metalworking. Salisbury's cozy streets, showcasing charming timber-framed buildings and a distinct medieval layout, offer a glimpse into the past. Its modern economy revolves around the agricultural sectors of cattle and poultry marketing, and it is also home to engineering, brewing, leatherwork, and printing industries. For tourists, Salisbury's attractions include Stonehenge, prehistoric monuments, and lovely gardens such as Victoria Park. With its unique identity and stunning surroundings, Salisbury offers an immersive journey into English history that transports visitors and residents alike, making it a highly desirable and enchanting place to live and explore.

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