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Hull, situated on the River Hull and the Humber Estuary, is a dynamic port city with a rich history spanning centuries. Founded in the 12th century, Hull has grown into a vibrant region known for its maritime heritage and cultural significance. It showcases cobblestone streets, historical landmarks like Hull Minster, and favored architecture. Hull has long been an important international trading hub with modern docks accommodating large vessels, and it's reinforced contemporary relevance is highlighted by the 2017 City of Culture designation. Highlights of Hull include the iconic Hull Minster, Hull Old Town, the University of Hull, The Deep (the world's only submarium), the ferries port, and the rejuvenated St Stephen's Shopping Centre. The area's arts and cultural sector fosters creativity with events such as the Freedom Festival and a burgeoning staple of theaters and galleries. Hull's strategic location provides access to a thriving regional community and the Humber Bridge enhances its profile as a commercial and cultural center.

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