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Preston, a city in Lancashire, England, offers a dynamic and historic environment, boasting a rich heritage dating back to its founding as a priests' town in the Anglo-Saxon era. Noteworthy attractions include a medieval market place diagrammed since 1086, which evolved into key cultural and administrative centers, and the site of historical events like the last major battle of the English Civil Wars. Preston's economy is well-diversified, with a legacy in textiles giving way to industries such as aerospace and automotive manufacturing. The city benefits from a well-connected location by the River Ribble, its industrial past having led to strong transport links and a robust jobs-density. Preston is home to the Harris Museum, Art Gallery and Library, which preserve the intellectual heritage of the region. The city strives to expand its higher education offerings, attracting a large population of qualified professionals and students. Preston City Council provides local governance, and the region has shown economic resilience, following a strong pattern of growth since its revision from a New Town designation.

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