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Norwich, a thriving historical city in the East of England, offers a rich heritage and scenic beauty. Known as the "Rose of New England" in the U.S., this UK Norwich highlights: - Medieval charm: With cobbled streets, ancient buildings, and the River Wensum flowing through the city center, Norwich is the UK's most complete medieval city. - Literary distinction: Norwich was designated England's first UNESCO City of Literature in 2012. - Historial significance: Norwich began as a settlement for the Iceni tribe, later became the Roman capital of East Anglia, and was the wealthiest town in England with a diverse population and prolific literary culture. - Modern attractions: Home to Mohegan Park, one of the largest parks in the region, and featuring a wide range of modern venues and institutions. As one of the country's oldest and most richly layered cities, Norwich offers an intriguing mix of historical charm, cultural attractions, and modern amenities, making it a visit-worthy destination.

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