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Liverpool, a dynamic city and seaport in the northwest of England, forms the core of Merseyside and is steeped in history dating back to a Royal Charter in 1207. Known for its significant contribution to popular culture, Liverpool is the birthplace of The Beatles and offers a rich cultural scene featuring iconic landmarks such as the Anglican and Roman Catholic cathedrals, Tate Liverpool, and the Walker Art Gallery. Liverpool has a vibrant artistic and musical heritage, noted for performing poets from the 1960s, to the legacy of the Beatles, and continues to foster innovative creativity. The strategic location on the River Mersey, combined with its impressive architecture and waterfront, attracts visitors to its UNESCO World Heritage Sites, which include the docklands and historic city centre. Despite its industrial decline after World War II, Liverpool is making a comeback, highlighted by its growing population, high-performing economy, and a focus on renewed growth and regeneration. Its status as a metropolitan borough in the UK, with 500,500 inhabitants in 2022, makes it the fifth largest of England's 'core cities'. The city arguably retains one of the strongest Irish heritages with estimates that up to 75% of its population has some form of Irish ancestry.

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